8 Things to Get Rid of in a Decluttering Project

February 13, 2017

One of the top New Year’s resolutions people make is to organize the home. During the winter months especially, we spend a good amount of time inside, and who wants to look at piles of old magazines or stacks of clothes heaped everywhere when we’re trying to relax?

However, there are a variety of reasons we tend to hold on to our “stuff”. Maybe we have gifts and mementos from those who are no longer with us, or clothes we relate to special times in our lives. Or, maybe we simply can’t find the discipline to get rid of old items as we acquire new things. However, the more belongings you acquire, the less storage space you’ll have in your home. Soon enough, closets, drawers, the attic, basement shelves, and even the garage will start bursting at the seams.

Time to Organize Your Home – What to Toss Now

If your resolution was to finally organize your home this year, it’s important to keep your goals in mind. You want a clutter-free, functional home where family and friends can gather to enjoy each others company, not simply a giant storage space. As you go through your belongings, ask yourself important questions, like why you’re holding on to certain objects. Do they bring you joy? Do you have a plan for each item, or do you just think you might need them “someday”?

That said, here are eight things you can safely get rid of right away:

  • Expired foods. Take an hour or so to go through both your pantry and refrigerator, taking note of expiration dates. Anything past its prime should go straight into the trash. If items are going to expire soon, make sure to put those at the front of the cupboard or fridge so they get used before you buy more.
  • Old bathroom items. Do you have some sparkly blue eye shadow or hot pink blush you bought on a whim but never used? Time to toss that stuff. Also, check your medicine cabinet and drawers for expired medications and first aid items and safely throw them away, too.
  • Out of style or damaged clothing. You might really love those concert t-shirts from the 90s, but if you haven’t worn them since the concert, it’s safe to get rid of them at this point. In fact, any clothing that hasn’t been worn in a year, or clothing that has holes or missing buttons can also get donated or recycled for cleaning rags.
  • Broken or unused office equipment. In today’s high-tech world, bulky fax machines and printers are becoming things of the past. If you have office equipment that is gathering dust, get rid of them for a clean, functional office space.
  • Random cords and cables. It’s not uncommon to have a box or two full of random cords, cables and wires that you’re keeping “just in case” you one day remember what electronic device they belong to. Chances are, if you haven’t needed them recently, you won’t ever need them. Out they go!
  • Magazines that have been read. Maybe you’re holding on to those magazines because there was an article you wanted to share with someone or a recipe you wanted to try out. However, if they’re now several months old, it’s time to recycle them or donate to a library or senior center.
  • Unused kitchen equipment. Got a waffle iron but don’t really like waffles? Or a bread maker that has been used maybe once or twice? Time to clear out these items to create more precious storage space in your kitchen.
  • Old paperwork and receipts. Unless you need them for tax purposes, start shredding that large stack of documents and receipts that has been piling up on your desk for the last year.

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