Home Maintenance Tips for the Summer Season

May 31, 2016

After the long, cold winter and all those April showers, your home and yard probably could use a little TLC. By now, you should’ve completed your spring cleaning tasks, so it’s time to move on to some of those outside projects and other maintenance tasks to get your home ready for the summer months ahead. Not only will your home and yard look great, but you can potentially help systems run more efficiently and keep everything running damage-free.

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Here are a few key home maintenance projects to tackle before the summer gets in full swing:

  • Inspect the roof, chimney and siding for any damage. Before the summer heat really sets in, inspect your roof and chimney for damage caused by heavy snow or spring storms. Likewise, check the siding for any signs of winter damage; look for loose pieces and gaps, making sure to close them up with caulk. You can also use a pressure washer to give it a good cleaning.
  • Clean out the gutters. While you have your ladder out, clear the gutters of dirt, debris and fallen leaves. Also, look for any signs of damage like bending or cracking and repair or replace those sections.
  • Wash the windows. Don’t put the ladder away yet! The exterior of your windows surely needs a good washing after the winter. Have someone hold the ladder while you wash them with some window cleaner, lint-free cloths or a squeegee.
  • Spruce up the landscaping. Get out the pruning shears and tend to any overgrown bushes, pull weeds, fertilize the grass, plant flowers and lay down new mulch in the flowerbeds. If you start pruning by early June, you may actually save yourself time over the summer from a large amount of upkeep.
  • Protect the deck and/or patio. If you didn’t do so in the fall, early summer is a great time to seal and protect your deck or patio. Clean them thoroughly first, and wait for a nice dry stretch of weather to allow them time to fully dry after before you re-stain or reseal.
  • Patch the driveway or walkways. Looks for cracks in concrete and fill them in with high quality concrete filler. Use a sealer if necessary, too, when it’s not too hot to ensure a nice, even layer.
  • Schedule a maintenance check on your A/C unit. Schedule an air conditioning tune up to ensure your system is running properly and as efficiently as possible throughout the summer. A professional HVAC company will inspect all the components, the refrigerant level, lubricate the moving parts, clean the coils and blower and check your thermostat. Don’t forget to replace the air filter, too!

Spending a day on these summer home maintenance tasks will not only make your home and yard look great, but can also help you avoid costly repairs or problems down the road.

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