Home Safety Tips for Fall

October 3, 2016

Fall is a favorite season for many people. After a long, hot and humid summer, what’s not to love about cooler temperatures, gorgeous color-changing leaves, and pumpkin-flavored treats? The fall is also a perfect time to start getting some important home maintenance tasks completed that can ensure your family’s safety throughout the winter months.

Autumn Home Safety Tips

Taking a few days to get your home ready for the cooler weather ahead provides you with the opportunity to make sure all systems are running as they should and are in good working order. Here are a few fall home safety tips and maintenance tasks to complete to keep your family safe this season:

  • Schedule your annual furnace check. It’s recommended to call for professional service on your furnace before the winter truly sets in. This way, you can get your HVAC system cleaned out and ensure it will be working properly as those temperatures start to drop. The technician can also check for hazardous carbon monoxide levels and replace the filter (which you should also do yourself every month, especially during cold weather when your system is running all the time).
  • Check the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Use the end of daylight savings when we “fall back” as a reminder to check and replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Inspect and clean out the chimney. If your home has a fireplace and you plan on utilizing it this fall and winter, call a chimney sweep for an inspection and cleaning. Your chimney should be free of creosote buildup, debris, and all the bricks and mortar should be in good condition before you cozy up to a fire this season.
  • Replace outdoor light bulbs. Daylight savings also means it gets darker much earlier, so make sure you’ve checked all the outdoor lighting fixtures to make sure they’re all working properly. A brightly-lit home helps protect your family from falls and can also deter criminals.
  • Make outdoor repairs as needed. Walk around the outside of your home and look for cracked concrete, missing roof shingles, clogged gutters or damaged windowsills and make the proper repairs as needed. You should also disconnect and turn off any outside water sources to prevent freezing pipes over the winter.
  • Be cautious using space heaters. Sometimes, a little extra warmth from a space heater can help make a room more comfortable. However, remember to keep them a safe distance away from furniture, drapery, bed linens and clothing. Never leave a space heater running when you’re away from the home, too.
  • Clean out the garage. Go through the garage and clear out any hazardous, unused chemicals that can cause a potential fire. Drain the lawnmower of gasoline to keep the lines unclogged for next summer, and make sure any gas cans you may need for your snow-blower or generator are kept in a safe place out of the reach of children or pets.

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