Selling Your Home? How to Stage it Perfectly

September 5, 2017

You’ve made the decision to list your home for sale – congratulations! Now, the next step is to actually sell it. Selling your home may feel like an intimidating process, with so many people coming through your door, trying to decide if your well-loved home is right for their needs. However, there’s an easy way to give yourself an edge with those buyers. It’s called home staging, and real estate agents everywhere recommend it to help ensure your home appeals to potential buyers – and that it isn’t on the market for months on end.

5 Home Staging Tips for a Quick Sale

Real estate agents and home staging experts have a few tips to follow to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers. These easy fixes and finishing touches are sure to help sell your home in less time.

Follow these home staging tips:

  1. Declutter. You may love your collections and family photos, but fewer items in a room will make the room look more spacious. And, a cluttered and disorganized home can turn off potential buyers. Start packing up items you don’t use on a daily basis and throw away or donate things you don’t need. Replace your personal belongings with neutral paintings or vases of fresh-cut flowers. You can even consider storing items like large, extra furniture in a self-storage unit to really open up the space.
  2. Clean, clean, clean. Once your home is decluttered, start scrubbing every surface. Floors, walls, countertops – everything should be sparkling clean. Vacuum, mop, dust and wash everything thoroughly. The last thing potential buyers want to see are stains on the carpet or grime in the sinks when they’re walking through your home and trying to envision themselves living there.
  3. Freshen up. Small upgrades can go a long way when selling your home. For instance, swapping out the hardware on cabinet doors and drawers, installing shiny new faucets in the bathroom, or painting the walls a modern, neutral color. Another tip for freshening up your floorplan is to change up the purpose of your rooms to make them more user-friendly, like converting that spare bedroom you’re using a gym back to a guest bedroom.
  4. Complete unfinished projects. You know that cracked tile you’ve been meaning to fix in your entryway for the past six months or that leaky faucet in the kitchen? Now is the time to take care of them. Those little eyesores can affect how much buyers will offer for your home, or they may ask for money for the repairs.
  5. Add some curb appeal. The state of the interior of your home is important, but don’t forget about the exterior! Power-wash the driveway, walkways, front porch and siding. Clean the windows and knock down any cobwebs around your porch and garage lights. You could also spruce up the yard by planting some colorful flowers or shrubbery, or painting the front door a bright new color.

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