Summer Home Safety Tips

June 30, 2016

Summer is the time when those of all ages enjoy some fun in the sun. While the sun is blazing, kids play in the backyard while Dad grills up some burgers and hot dogs. You might be prepared for the occasional skinned knee or sunburn, but it’s important to take some time to prevent more serious injuries from occurring, right in your own yard.

How to Keep Your Home Safe this Summer

Keep your family safe this season with these summer home safety tips:

  • Properly prepare the grill. You’ve probably already lit up the grill a few times this season, but it’s important to remember to inspect it often, as careless grilling can cause a variety of dangerous situations. Check the gas grill for leaks or blockages in the hose, and stay nearby while it’s in use. The grill should be set back away from the house or flammable objects like awnings, and if you use a charcoal grill, make sure the coals are completely extinguished after use.
  • Look for and fill holes in the yard. Critters can cause uneven ground in the yard, and holes or loose soil can easily cause an injury. Every so often, do a careful walk-through of your yard, filling in any holes with soil. If there are many holes with dirt piled up next to them, you might have some sort of insect infestation and will want to call in a professional exterminator.
  • Inspect playsets, treehouses and swing sets. Kids love swinging on swings and sliding down slides, but neglected structures have been known to cause serious injuries. Make sure all swing sets or play sets in the yard are level and properly anchored to the ground using concrete. Inspect the wood to ensure the elements haven’t damaged or weakened any areas. If you have a treehouse, test the supporting branches to make sure they’re still strong enough to hold the structure and that they show no sign of damage or rot.
  • Treat pool safety with importance. If you have a pool, know that accidental drownings happen more often than you might think. In fact, according to the CDC, every day one in ten people die from unintentional drowning. Kids and parents should know how to swim and should have taken swimming lessons, and pool rules should be established. Young children should never be allowed to swim unsupervised. It’s also recommended to install a fence or barrier around the pool to keep small kids from getting in unattended.
  • Eliminate pesticide poisoning. If you’ll be treating your yard with any sort of chemical pesticides this year, do not apply them while kids or pets are outside playing, and don’t allow them in the area until the chemicals are completely dry.
  • Check windows to prevent falls. It’s common for falls out of windows to occur more often during the summer. Ensure the windows on the second floor of your home are not open more than three inches by installing window guards. Also, make sure that screens are properly attached.
  • Insist on helmets and safety gear. Kids should always don their safety gear before heading out for a bike ride or to the skate park. Helmets, wrist, elbow and knee guards should always be worn to prevent broken bones and other injuries.
  • Keep kids away from fireworks. Kids should never be allowed anywhere near fireworks of any sort; even sparklers can cause serious burns! It’s a better idea to just leave the firework displays to the professionals this summer.

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